Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Donations enrich the Hostel33 fabric

In a previous post 'New Glass for the Windows', we acknowledged the kind donations of original window latches by neighbours at Hostel33, which the LMLM used to replace missing iron mongery at Hostel33. The Museum also replaced and fitted new latches to peoples homes.

Here are the names of those whose kind donation is hereby gratefully acknowledged:

Kadephi Mtiya : Room 32B
Ntombithini Magwa : Room 31A
Samekelo Mtiya : Room 32C
Notshawuza Leticia Dwenene : Room 32D
'Chippa' Maqutyana : Room 29C
Mlondolozi Klaas : Room 29B
Mr. J Klaas : Room 29A

Thanks are also due to Lunga Smile, Kadephi Mtiya and Renchius van der Merwe for liaising with these donors for their support!

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