Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Restoring Hostel 33

10 March 2010

The Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum Hostel 33 Restoration Project

This blog has been created to record the process and debates around the current project for the restoration of Hostel 33 in Lwandle. Hostel 33 forms part of the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum


  1. Creating a Virtual Archive

    The idea behind creating this blog is to bring together and record material generated in the process of thinking about Hostel 33. This discussion dates back to the Museum’s inception in 1999 / 2000 and where possible I shall attempt to gather earlier debates and post these alongside the current on-going discussions. In this way we will be able to assemble an accessible resource for the deepening of the intellectual work of the Museum. The idea is to record and reconstruct where possible the detail of debates which might be lost over time. There is no restriction on material which can be posted, from images or documents (or references to these if they are extensive) to more provisional questions or points of agreement and disagreement which might emerge. Posts will appear chronologically by date from when they are posted but we will be able to trace items by naming posts in a manner that describes the content. I suggest that we also develop a list of sources as a resource for the Museum and researchers which is easily accessible.

    So please, start blogging, as Leslie has suggested!

  2. This is a great initiative. I may have some photographs of Hostel 33 taken at the time of the visit by students on the Global Issues Honours Consortium based in the CHR at UWC. I have invited Helena Pohlandt-McCormick (University of Minnesota) who may have some images and sketches of Hostel 33 done by students.

  3. Many thanks Premesh, these would be great. We will be going through material at the Museum which the students left with us too.

  4. what's glazing, for the uninitiated?

  5. Good question Premesh - another example of how language used by 'experts' can be inaccessible, so thanks for asking!Glazing is simply the fancy word for glass used in windows, or as a verb, the process of putting glass into windows. Then of course the expert crafts people who do this are called glazers - its quite a skill, an art really.