Monday, April 12, 2010

Visitors record their experiences at Hostel 33

Leslie Witz sent through the following link by Katy Beinart & Rebecca Beinart who visited Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum earlier this year.

Post #34 [9 February 2010]

View images such as this from the Beinart blog showing one of the rooms in Hostel 33.

Receiving and listening to feedback of visitor experiences is an important aspect of LMLM's approach as it sets about further developing its exhibitions and programmes, At Hostel 33, visitor accounts such as this one, often emphasize the experience of being taken through the old hostel (in which there are currently no exhibition displays in the conventional museum sense). Instead people are confronted with being inside the space and they have to imagine the conditions in which people lived up until relatively recently, as the Beinhart’s mention: overcrowding, lack of privacy, beds forming homes and the like.

Another Museum, with which the Lwandle Museum has shared experiences, gleaned creative ideas, and leant about curatorial approaches is the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York. Earlier this year the U.S Consulate in Cape Town organized a tele-conference connection between the Tenement Museum and Lwandle Museum in which museum staff, along with consultants (Jakupa Architects) and designer Jos Thorne, were able to learn more from their innovative approaches to various aspects of the museum, from ways in which they restored the building, developed exhibitions and tours, to details about the collection of artifacts and oral histories of life-stories.

To learn more about this innovative museum visit:

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